Human Resources


– While creating recruitment policies and career planning, the principle of providing equal opportunities to people under equal conditions is adopted.
– Criteria for recruitment are determined in writing and these criteria are followed. Recruitment processes are defined by procedures.
– All rights provided to employees are treated fairly, training and development programs are carried out to increase employees’ knowledge, skills and competencies, and training policies are established.
– Environments where employees can share their requests, complaints and suggestions in writing are provided.
– Job descriptions and distribution of company employees and performance and reward criteria are announced to employees.
– Efficiency is taken into account in determining the wages and other benefits given to the employees.
– Measures are taken to ensure that employees are not discriminated against on a race, religion, language and gender basis, and that employees are protected from physical, mental and emotional abuse within the company.
– A safe working environment and conditions are provided for employees in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety regulations.


As MAKİSAN MACHINE; With the internship opportunity we provide to high school and university students, we aim to identify the future potential human resource of MAKİSAN while supporting the development of students and preparing them for business life. We want to bring in successful students as well as providing important experiences to our students.
Internship staff are determined in line with the needs reported by the department managers.
It is not possible to provide any priority for students who apply for internship by using their relations with customers, close relatives or government institutions.
The internship period has been determined as at least 20 working days.
Students, whose request for internship is accepted, are responsible for transmitting the insurance entry declaration made by the Education Institution where they study at the beginning of the internship period, the health report they will receive from an official institution and the photocopy of the identity card to the Management Representative Department. For the beginning of the internship, the internship must have gained an official qualification with the approval of both parties.
For students who are subject to compulsory internship, insurance is paid by the higher education institution where they study.
Trainees are not paid any fees.
During the internship, daily lunch needs of the interns are met.






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Human Resources

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